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This bedroom started life plain-jane style, with a few minor disabilities.  


While it sported a cathedral ceiling at one end and slanted ceilings along one side, it was also plagued by a mis-imagined greenhouse window placed high in what should have been the focal point wall.  


To add insult to injury, the window leaked both moisture and heat/cold, rendering the room uncomfortable in all seasons.  In addition, all it's walls and ceilings were soulless gypsum board painted flat white, and it's footprint was uncomfortably long and narrow.

We started by using the furniture to divide the room into two areas -- tucking the bed up under the eaves for the sleeping area, and arranging a comfortable seating area at the other end.


Next came paint -- a soothing blue-gray for the walls, crisp white for the trim.  Lining the cathedral ceiling and slanted walls with reclaimed cedar added a feeling of warmth, and also managed to help balance the proportions of the room.  


Finally, the greenhouse window was replaced with a curved top casement window, flooding the space with both light and new-found architectural detail.  New bed linens, rugs, accessories, and personal art finished this transformation from "blah" to "Aahhhh". 

Romantic Master Suite

Durham, NC

Romantic Master Suite with reclaimed cedar planks on a vaulted ceiling and curved casement window by Architect Mollie Ackner
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