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Multi-Generational Home

Chapel Hill, NC

This lovely Chapel Hill home already had a small rental apartment attached to it.  In expectation of a beloved older family member coming to live there, the owners wanted the existing dark and cramped space transformed into a health-giving environment of light and air.


Our solution was to “grow” the house a second gable.  Large windows, french doors, a cathedral ceiling and open shelving provide the apartment with more than it’s share of sunshine, while the strategic placement of room-to-room interior windows and clerestorys make sure that no space was left in the dark.

The person this space was created for wanted a secondary secret exit from her bedroom.  We accomodated this desire with a second entrance to the room, in the form of hidden door.


 While both the main house and the apartment have their own entrances, they maintain connection through a shared laundry room.

Before Photo

Before Photo
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