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This once-dated home suffered from a dark, chopped-up interior layout.


Travel between the main level & the lower level was discouraged by a scary code-defying utility staircase planted right in the middle of the living space.  The vibrant young family living here wanted connection of the interior spaces, access to the back yard, & above all, more light & air in their lives.    


Our solution, working entirely within the existing square footage, was to demolish the existing stair, opening the kitchen to the family room, establish a new, open stair in a more appropriate location,   connect a little used sunporch to the family room, & rework the lower level to incorporate both a guest room & a recreation area.  


Plenty of new windows flood this open layout with light & air, creating the perfect setting for whatever this active family cares to use it for.

From Cave to Treehouse

Durham, NC

Before Photo
Before Photo
Before Photo
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