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 The Issue presented to us here was a little-used formal front room.  The need was for an office space for two that would use it’s time off for entertaining.


With a handsome antique cabinet remaining in the room as our inspiration, our solution was to first put glass double doors across the opening between the front hall & our room, & then design cabinetry to specifically meet the unique needs of both office occupants, as well as the ubiquitous office equipment.  


A gifted master craftsman cabinet maker worked to match the finish of the new cabinets with the antique piece.  


While in use as an office, cabinets roll open & doors slide away to reveal the working guts of the situation at hand.  


After work when friends & family gather, welcoming window seats & handsome cabinetry built-ins invite conversation & leisure with no note of the busy workday evident.

Cabinetry Collaboration

Durham, NC

Before Photo
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