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Cottage Charm (Or: The End of an Awkward Adolesence)

Durham, NC

When we first met, this cottage seemed to be stuck in a melancholic & awkward adolescent stage.  A mis-fitted spiral staircase connected small, dark, chopped up rooms inside, while the surrounding gardens remained isolated & disconnected from the interior spaces.  


Taking our cue from the owner’s artistic eye & the lovely property surrounding the structure, we transformed this home into a light-washed sequence of spaces, with sight lines reaching out to the gardens at every turn.


Both floors were completely gutted, the kitchen was relocated, a new stair was added, & a new room configuration flows organically throughout the house.  New porches & bay windows add charm & liveliness to both the interior & the exterior.


Although the actual square footage was increased by less than 100 square feet, re-orienting the rooms to work with the dimensions of the existing structure as well as the outdoor space makes it feel tangibly larger.  Hardwood flooring visually connects the open living areas, while the strategic use of two shades of the same color of wall paint lend subtle depth to the architecture.

Before Photo
Before Photo
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